iP is here to help as the utility industry workforce evolves and regulatory changes continue to be implemented.

It is the last week of January as I write this opening commentary for our first issue of the year. Here in the Chicago suburbs, our lights are on, we have heat and so far no polar vortex is upon us. It has just been announced that an impending blizzard could bring an epic snowfall tomorrow night. Airports across the country are canceling eastbound flights and schools are announcing closures. I’m confident that utilities on the East Coast have begun their preparedness drills for the hazardous challenges the storm is about to bring. By the time this issue hits your desktop, the storm will have passed and we hope every single person affected by the event makes it home safely.

An Industry Guru

2014 was a year of changes for the industry, and 2015 promises to bring more. In addition to volatile weather patterns that will continue to pose challenges, the workforce and workplace are evolving as utility industry personnel retire in record numbers and revised regulatory rules are implemented.

Hugh Hoagland, a longtime contributor to iP, co-authored this February issue’s cover story, which addresses recent regulatory changes that affect PPE, trends to expect this year and what your company must do to be in compliance. As one of the world’s foremost experts on electrical arc testing and safety, Hugh’s knowledge and expertise are incredibly valuable. A trained chemist, he worked in safety testing at LG&E Energy for four years as a technical consultant. Hugh also spent several years as NASCO Industries’ research and development director, helping to invent arc flash-rated rainwear materials and other products related to arc flash and electrical safety. Since that time, Hugh has worked with leaders in the field of arc flash and has served on and chaired many committees for professional associations including ASTM, NFPA, CSA, ANSI, IEC and IEEE. Hugh is also the author of many leading papers about electrical safety and PPE. He established ArcWear in 1997 and e-Hazard in 2004, both of which are committed to promoting excellence in electrical workplace safety. iP is pleased to have Hugh and Stacy Klausing, M.Sc., a flame-resistant textile specialist, share their insights in this issue, and believe the information they have provided will be of great value to you and your company.

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“Incident Prevention offers a broad range of subjects written in common sense terms that are easy to understand. They stay ahead of regulatory requirements.”
~ Mark Hankins, Eugene Water and Electric Board
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~ Victor Hurst, Snapping Shoals EMC